Friday, June 8, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

black and blue and striped too!

today i had a presentation so i figured i'd put a little effort into my outfit :)

i went with a black and blue scheme and that was the first time i wore that top...
i think i like it :)

since i can't seem to make myself have an outfit of only non-bright colors, i threw on some happy-bright shoes!

i have these in this yellow and in orange and i'm telling you... super comfy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Disney Day 2: Tangled

Because today was TOMS' One Day Without Shoes, we decided to let Tangled be our inspiration, as Rapunzel prefers to go barefoot. 

However, because I don't like being barefoot, I decided to use Flynn Rider as my inspiration.

It seems as though I can't smolder.

Obligatory feet picture:

week of Disney - day 1

today is monday.
on any normal monday these two princesses would be subjected to the trials of the scholastic challenge
BUT today is the day after Easter and the powers that be have decided to be gracious and allows us this small favor: to be relieved of a day's worth of trial by teacher. yay!

today is also the first day of disney week!

today i was Cinderella.  sweeping out the basement. (really. i had to clean the basement of the art building.)

also i found this. awesome.

wish i had a few of these to bring to kindergarden... 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

love & lovelys

dear heavens me...
i would like to apologize for my utter disappearance into blogging nothingness.  my only excuses: school and simple procrastination.

so here are a few things to fill the space.

things i'm loving


oook so i was a bit disheartened that Picnik is disappearing until... i found Pixlr
Pixlr is ahh-mazing.  it's like automatic photoshop! you can take a simple picture and turn it into etherial with a few clicks.  i took this one...

and turned it into
this one...

amazing right?!?!

more love...

 amid my procrastination, i found this darling, charming, and happy blog: Apple Blue
aaaaand not only is this blog fab-u-los, she is having an amazing giveaway!  An adorable wallet, fabric, darling headband from Sunshine and Carousels (their stuff is supper amazing cute), not to mention the sweet robin-egg blue vintage kitchen timer.

my new camera

unfortunately i don't have a picture of me with my new camera but Cammie is tried and true and fabulous.  i bought her from my sister who is a photographer because she upgraded to a better camera.   i love using Cammie, a Canon Xti.. fabulous...  the bridal pictures below i shot with Cammie on a joint bridal shoot i did with my sister.


the original movie. the silent one. the first time around.
now this is interesting because i am not exactly a Tarzan fan.. as in  i saw the animated version like 2 time and the old black and white once.. long time ago.  but then i found out that weekend after next there is a tarzan festival in honor of the anniversary of the original film because it was filed here in Louisiana!  and the Shreveport Symphony concert master and local branch of NPR classical radio host wrote a score for the film especially in honor of this anniversary celebration...
i'm suddenly excited about tarzan...
which is strange... i was always weirded out by his oddly large toes in the cartoon version.


Rock the Drop!
in honor of Support Teen Literacy Day gather up any books you don't want, or ones you want to share and on 4/12, a thursday, deposit them in public places to be picked up and enjoyed by a curious mind.

grab this here image, print it out, and affix it to the cover and spread the love of literature!

lovely things

a certain ms. Katie Daisy has a shop on Etsy call The Wheatfield and it is filled to the brim with lovely water colors of lovely sayings and images.  such as this sweet reminder that we are special, beautiful, and loved.

also lovely... these are some of my favorites from the shoot i did with my sister.  i tossed them into Pixlr, tossed them around a bit and hey, got some pretty decent edits :) 


so many lovely things fill my lovely, yet busy, life!

love you all...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Rooftop Picnic #2 + W2P birthday #2

Today, Juju and I decided to have a picnic on the roof. Again.

The menu:
pasta (with multicolored noodles)
steamed broccoli
parmesan knots
sweet tea
mini cupcake (for celebratory reasons)

We recently realized something very important.

We Two Pair is now two years old!

So we had to have celebrating, of course. Enter: the mini cupcake.

We had to go all Gallagher Girl again this year. Last year, we had to come up with a makeshift candle (and plus there was that whole carpet plus lit match thing). This year, we had to battle the wind to light the candle and keep it burning until it was time to blow it out.

We continued our tradition of singing Happy Birthday to us. 

Since we like celebrating so much, and since a very important day is approaching (the release day of the fifth Gallagher Girls book!), we lit another candle and wished the girls from our favorite book series Happy Adventures. For some reason, we had difficulties getting this accomplished.

And of course, we celebrated in style.

More outfit photos here.